Student Ministry

OverComers Church provides a safe place for the youth, to come and learn life skills to develop leadership qualities. From 6 pm-6:30 we have a meal program called (Feeding our future) and from 6:33 pm - 8 pm  we have youth activities: Learning the bible, Drama skits, Dancing and field trips, this time is as much about spirituality as it is about fun.



Faith stretches beyond borders, bridges gaps, and breaks down boundaries; faith is in essence a unifier. At OverComers Church, faith in God and faith in each other are the cornerstones for our ministry. It is what strengthens our commitment to the community, our neighbors, and our country.


Finding a place for spiritual growth and a place to build relationships can change your life. Our ministry is a perfect place for people to gather and build a deeper, more meaningful understanding of God and each other.

Senior Pastor: Rev. Harriman Randle, Elder: Clifford Graham, Children Ministry Director: Rachel Randle,      Treauser: Shirley Solace.